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of building your insurance profile or part number four  Aetna dental insurance identifies the key players okay let’s do quick recap folks step to build your insurance profile organize the list supplies that you are currently contracted with the direct.


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contracts and then Aetna dental insurance identify ppl plans that you may want to join based upon the feedback from your staff members remember to find your topmost utilized procedures and throw in the alternative benefit procedures.

to that list for negotiating purposes and then finally try to find the key people at each PPO plan to deal with step number two is identify leverage most dental practices tell me geez you know I  am the solo practitioner.

there are over dentist practicing in a five-mile radius of my practice there is just way too much competition I don’t have any leverage I’m not going to have the time today to really dive deep into leverage for solo.

practitioners but for those of you that are solo practitioners don’t be discouraged if there are some things that you can do or some resources that you can tap into to least somebody else’s leverage in order for you too.

have effective negotiating here are some key leverage items that may apply to some of your number one if you practice in a rural community rural dental practices are typically paid higher than the nearest metropolitan.

area specialty if you’re a specialist you are likely to be entitled to a higher fee schedule and the availability if you’re a general dentist or a specialist that practices in an area that’s, for the most part, considered underserved or.

if you’re the only dentist in that area that’s a good chance that you can negotiate a fee schedule with any insurance company out there now once you identify your leverage finding your leverage is key in order for you to draft an effective initial negotiating letter to send to the insurance.

company to initiate the negotiating process Aetna dental insurance now a lot of you might be thinking I’m not a group practice I don’t produce million a year or I don’t produce million dollars.