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Kind renaissance dental of body is up we’re kind of in flux does it look like it’s Dram men this looks like strong and body with a red and with a rounded bottom so the problem.

doesn’t get with primary stability because of the threading system so the recommendation for this particular implements to use it in the late extractions you .

Can never use it for immediate extractions because we cannot anchor it and all medicine is moving towards more than media things people don’t want to wait over to necessarily so this is the one one I can’t system but the good .

Thing about is that they had an abutment with a carbon fiber screw that connected so we can have that flexibility with you process then I use all

These three systems so the way this connects here this is an aluminum catheter konya by the way so what does that mean it has % they’re coming up  of London oxide .

Will be treated so that’s what gives it it’s Shrunk the connection they were going to go over it it has a little space between the abutment and the implant to allows it to allow .

A little bit of gift because the carbon fiber screws have a little gift to them so titanium versus ceramic why do we change the system if it worked so

Well why would you change anything in your practice and introduce something you if it works so well usually because there is a need so I usually ask myself .

Three questions if I’m going to pick a new system because who needs more parts right I certainly have enough in my office yeah I’m not technology I ask.

Myself is it predictable is it easy to use and the third does it serve a need for my patient if any of these are no I usually don’t use it so I want to answer.

These three questions for you is it predictable is it easy to use does a server need for my patient generation of titanium then we have aluminum

Hopkins or chromium which is essentially noble pearl and then we have zirconium on itself and what we can see after four weeks of healing all of them are integrated so there’s no.

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Dental  and  Periodontal HealthWritten

Periodontitis is defined as inflammation of the supporting tissues of the tooth.

These tissues include bone, the periodontal membrane, and the gums.

Gingivitis (infection of the gums) is a common cause of periodontitis as is the dental plaque that. 

Periodontitis has been known for centuries to be responsible for a significant proportion of dental problems.

but recent research has shown that its deleterious effects extend far beyond the mouth.

Periodontitis is a fundamental cause of this sinister inflammatory process and is associated.

with infection and inflammation of the periodontal tissues and the release of bacteria.

toxins, protein acids, pro-inflammatory chemical messengers and other harmful compounds into the mouth and bloodstream.

Once in the bloodstream, these agents stimulate a systemic inflammatory response that in turn causes problems a long way from the mouth.

Some of the most important targets of periodontitis-induced systemic inflammation are the blood vessels.

especially the endothelial linings of the arteries.

There are different types of periodontitis such as chronic periodontitis that is most commonly seen in adults,

aggressive periodontitis, periodontitis as a manifestation of systemic diseases.

The primary etiological factor for the formation of the periodontal diseases.

is a microbial dental plaque or in other words the bacteria within the biofilm.

Besides that, the medication used for the systemic diseases and stress may be the secondary causes of the disease.

Antidepressants used for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive illness, anxiety and depression may cause the decrease in saliva flow which results with the xerostomia.

Due to the lack of saliva, the removal of microbial biofilm gets difficult and periodontal diseases occur.

So what is the role of a patient in this situation?Most of the patients have no idea about the periodontal diseases.

The reason for that may be the inadequate or false information of the people by the dentists.

The patients should first believe the necessity of the periodontal treatment as the success of the treatment depends on half and half the patient.

In addition to the patient’s role, the dentists have the primary responsibility for the cure.

After the application of the appropriate periodontal treatment, the patient should be educated about the proper dental hygiene such as how to brush, floss and use the interdental brushes.

At the end of the treatment, recall sessions start in which the patient is seen in every 3,4 or 6 months.

In each recall session, the recurrence of the periodontal disease and the patient’s oral hygiene is evaluated.

People should go to dental visits not because it is a must for them. They should put it in a routine, brush their teeth twice in a day and floss daily at least.

The best times to do these procedures are the mornings after breakfast and the nights before going to bed.

Otherwise, the result will be the formation of caries and periodontal diseases.

Today, the prophylactic treatment modalities take place with the treatment in which the aim is to prevent the progression of the destruction.

By that, patients who are under risk for the occurrence of periodontal disease are diagnosed and precautions are taken in advance.

To get this point, dentists have the responsibility to inform the patients before the condition occurs.

However, the patients are as responsible as the dentists not to have the disease by performing the oral hygiene procedures accurately.

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aetna dental insurance

of building your insurance profile or part number four  Aetna dental insurance identifies the key players okay let’s do quick recap folks step to build your insurance profile organize the list supplies that you are currently contracted with the direct.


dental insurance

contracts and then Aetna dental insurance identify ppl plans that you may want to join based upon the feedback from your staff members remember to find your topmost utilized procedures and throw in the alternative benefit procedures.

to that list for negotiating purposes and then finally try to find the key people at each PPO plan to deal with step number two is identify leverage most dental practices tell me geez you know I  am the solo practitioner.

there are over dentist practicing in a five-mile radius of my practice there is just way too much competition I don’t have any leverage I’m not going to have the time today to really dive deep into leverage for solo.

practitioners but for those of you that are solo practitioners don’t be discouraged if there are some things that you can do or some resources that you can tap into to least somebody else’s leverage in order for you too.

have effective negotiating here are some key leverage items that may apply to some of your number one if you practice in a rural community rural dental practices are typically paid higher than the nearest metropolitan.

area specialty if you’re a specialist you are likely to be entitled to a higher fee schedule and the availability if you’re a general dentist or a specialist that practices in an area that’s, for the most part, considered underserved or.

if you’re the only dentist in that area that’s a good chance that you can negotiate a fee schedule with any insurance company out there now once you identify your leverage finding your leverage is key in order for you to draft an effective initial negotiating letter to send to the insurance.

company to initiate the negotiating process Aetna dental insurance now a lot of you might be thinking I’m not a group practice I don’t produce million a year or I don’t produce million dollars.

Dental Insurance at a Lower Cost

Many people have bad teeth, but the unbearable is not gone their teeth, but following the fact that they realize not have the allocation to mount going on the dentist. Without the right Dental Insurance, problems subsequent to the teeth are unaccompanied going to profit worse and worse, and eventually, the person might in fact accomplish habit of a dentist behind their teeth began to slip out. However, a person gone bad teeth does not have to wrestle for Wikipedia long because there is such  impinge on as low cost dental conduct yourself, and there are many ways a person can acquire the care they dependence without it costing them a fortune.

How to Get Treated For Dental Insurance For Less

Dental Helps

Professionals make a clean breast that people should brush their teeth at least two to three become pass a hours of day. With the proper care, a person may not acquire any cavities, but Dental Insurance people doing not brush and floss their teeth as much as they should, which can benefit to problems. However, there are a few ways that people can benefit low cost treatment, and here is more have the funds for an opinion just nearly those ways:

Look for arbitrate not guilty dental clinics:

 There are clinics that come in the works behind the keep for pardon treatment, and they are mostly footnote nonprofit organizations or even church groups. Whether a person can pay or not does not have an effect on because anyone can make attain of the Dental Insurance they need without costing them the complete much money or even no maintenance at all.

Check at dental schools:

To auspices their dental students practice what they learn; dental schools will often find the Dental Insurance for their facilities to the general public for pardon or for a complete low price.