I want to do is own and maybe even dental insurance no waiting period for major services  apologize that .

I have not been clear I’ve been actually frustrated because inside I was clear but but obviously I didn’t.

Top 5 Strategies To Get Dental insurance no waiting period for major Services

I didn’t have a way of making it so clear that all of you could see where it is unwanted to go and what it is I’m wanting to create the culture the business the profit we’re very specific about it all and so as of today that changes as of today

1. Keep Ur Dental Insurance Up To Date

I am stepping into an entirely new level of leadership In Dental Help and I’m going to take full responsibility with dental insurance that covers everything .


The breakdowns we’ve been having that’s me either I’m tolerating it and I’m not stepping out and talking about it in a direct way and or

  • I haven’t been clear about what I want and here so let me do that today let me do that today and so.
  • we just help them just it’s like a fresh starts like a reboot it’s like an absolute  reboot every year .
  • we do these annually with clients with an aunt we call it an annual calibration retreat .
  • what we’re doing is recalibrating every year at least once a year we’re recalibrating to.

2. Getting Knowlage Of All Insurance Compney

The current vision and the vision changes slightly from year to year I know mine does.

alright so you know so so every year we come together in this retreat format and .

  • The owner helps us get new clarity has anything changed since last year in terms .
  • what you’re envisioning and it probably will slightly if not greatly and so they get .
  • A where again we ask our questions again we decide if we align again and so you’re right in .
  • that Naren I think this does introduce this idea of not helping people get their dreams but.
  • but allowing for them are you it or not do it here or not really and some people aren’t ready to get.

3. Compare All Dental Insurance Compney

That kind of clarity in their own life and that’s really not up to us and it doesn’t matter .

what matters is we’re clear and we’re allowing for the opportunity some people will step in and some people .

  • will not but we’re what we’re what we are giving and I think it’s what you’re saying is .
  • we’re giving respect to them wherever they are and whatever their life is taking them and in .
  • the flow a leader isn’t worried if someone’s going to leave them .
  • They’re not worried in the flow there’s plenty of good people to choose from even if you.
  • think you’re in an area where there is note there are no good hygienists left or .
  • there are no good associate doctors or I promise you there are but from the bank.