Dentemax always permanent you have any stories dentemax where you unfortunately we’re dealing .



With somebody who didn’t do their due diligence and then had a more difficult time or challenge .

With not having disability – too many well really it’s unfortunate when that happens and all we can do is be .

The messenger and the educator and let people make their own minds up what they want to do but I do have one quick story to share with you about almost retired doctor .

I called it in for a couple years and I said doctor can we talk about your disability insurance and/or about your insurance program and he said sure after

I got to a couple couple times so we sat down and he said Jim I want to cancel my disability insurance do you think I should and.

I said well can you afford to retire yet he said well a couple more years so I said my advice to you doctor .

Then is keep keep the disability insurance the place until you have enough to retire two months later he had a stroke and collected on as disability policy so.

I felt good that I helped give him good advice yeah that’s what it’s all about in what what.

I’m dental nachos are just women in general and I get a lot of help it’s that when there’s a clear a dental student you just don’t realize how many people and .

I was a big mr. Rogers fan or in your neighborhood right no raps disability how many people you need to rely on for advice and help and things happen.

that they just don’t talk about him down school and it you know it’s really irresponsible I mean you know now we have students taking out five and six hundred thousand dollars in debt and .

This should be brought to them early and you know we’re here with the th years in the fourth quarter and I’m thrilled .

That you can help some of the great people on the pole and it’s not too late I know it’s not too late to get disability if your fourth year now is