What Is individual dental insurance ?

individual dental insurance is The anesthetic needle is hit on the gums. After about 15 minutes, it is unconscious to poke up by hand. If you have wisdom teeth, you may get general anesthesia. See the personal experience of this article. readmore 🙂 Google

Also, after playing the anesthetic, the face was swollen like a pig’s head. It was quite fun like the sausage mouth of Tony Chao-wai in “East Chengxi.”

As for the cleaning process, it is not notably different from conventional cleaning, but it takes a little longer, more powerful, and uses more and more tools. After cleaning, the dentist warned me to keep it.

“You need a good electric toothbrush and brush it at least twice a day,” the doctor said.

 individual dental insurance . I used the  Oral-B Pro 5000 , the dentist recommended Philips Sonicare , all good electric toothbrushes, I also brought back to the country as a gift (see the article for natural return gifts ), see also the use of electric toothbrushes and recommended brands .

“And, you have to use floss,” the doctor said.

Ok? I bought floss a long time ago, but I don’t know how to use it. It was tough to try it for a while, so I gave up. The dentist suggested that I buy  Waterpik’s water floss, which is to use a high-pressure water column to wash the gap between the gums and the teeth, to clean the place where the toothbrush can’t be brushed, to get started quickly and easy to use. However, “if possible, it is best to use traditional dental floss,” the doctor said.

Waterpik’s water floss series, my experience is here.

“After cleaning the other side, you will come back for a routine cleaning every 3 months,” he continued.